Tutta Colpa di Garibaldi

Theatrical representation

Tutta Colpa di Garibaldi (It’s Garibaldi Fault) written by Gioele Dix, Nicola Fano and Sergio Fantoni.

starring GIOELE DIX
with Edmarcia De Andrade and Matteo Malavasi

Why “Blame Garibaldi”?
Two hundred years after its birth his legend lives and endures in Italy remaining torn between beatification and damnation, between emotional involvement and ignorant indifference.

Gioele Dix, Nicola Fano and Sergio Fantoni have thought and wrote a show that tells the tragicomic vicissitudes of an actor-actor who was commissioned to set up a celebratory text on Garibaldi.
By studying the extraordinary public and private biography of the Hero of the Two Worlds, he discovers a complex figure that escapes every definition and rhetoric.

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